MARSS Exhibiting NiDAR™ at NAVDEX

MARSS will be exhibiting NiDAR™, their advanced 360° perimeter security shield for the protection of high value maritime and land-based assets, with a live demo linking back to their command room in Monaco.

 “The Middle East is an important region for MARSS and one in which we have a number of operational systems protecting critical infrastructure and private residences. We are pleased to be partnering with EDIC and NAS, both leading defence contractors in the region, and look forward to presenting NiDAR and illustrating the full capability of the system.” Johannes Pinl, CEO & Founder of Marss

Operating autonomously and discreetly 24/7, NiDAR can automatically monitor, detect, track, classify and respond to multiple objects in the air, on the surface and underwater. Smart software algorithms developed by MARSS intelligently analyse and rank unknown objects to determine potential threat levels and trigger alerts.

The NiDAR situational awareness picture is presented in real time via an intuitive touchscreen user interface while secure remote access is available via smart mobile devices for crew & security teams.

NiDAR supports decision makers by linking multiple sensors, improving the detection and tracking of objects around an asset, increasing reaction time, reducing workload and minimising false alarms.

The NiDAR system is modular, scaleable and fully customisable to a specific asset and security requirements and is operational in the protection of critical infrastructure, head of state palaces, military installations and vessels and superyachts globally.

MARSS is a technology company specialising in the development of advanced systems for the protection of high value maritime and land based assets, and saving life. The MARSS systems have been developed in collaboration with global partners including the EU, Nato and the European Space Agency.

If you would like to see a live demo of the MARSS NiDAR system please visit us in Hall B of the NAVDEX pavilion, stand no. 024.

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