Securing Borders Utilising Legacy Systems

According to a recent report in Foreign Policy News: “The uncertain situation of the Middle East adds to its vulnerability. Terrorism and violence are not the only causes of instability in the region because the crisis that is looming is much greater than Al-Qaeda, Islamic State/Daaesh or other terrorist groups. This wave of extremism has affected every country in the region.” It went on to say: “The recent upsurge in the terrorist attacks and the increase in the number of terrorist groups suggest that there is no short-term solution to this menace spread in the Middle East.”

This situation has led to a significant growth in the requirement for ever more sophisticated border security systems as failed states and conflict zones threaten their neighbour’s security.

Rob Balloch – Strategy, Sales and Marketing Director for MARSS Group said “We have seen considerable success in the region with the deployment of our NiDAR product, which is an advanced long range surveillance system that delivers enhanced situational awareness. One of the main issues for many customers, not just in the Middle East, is that they are already in possession of multiple sensor systems which represents a significant financial investment. The problem is how to utilise that investment and integrate these stand-alone legacy sensors to produce one effective advanced border surveillance system.

That is where our NiDAR system really comes into its own, as it is sensor agnostic! It can take multiple feeds from multiple sensors to generate a 360° perimeter security shield that operates autonomously 24 hours a day. NIDAR integrates all of these sensors into a combine tactical situational awareness display that can be monitored and accessed from the central command HQ all the way down to the border guard in his vehicle. The encrypted, browser based system keeps training to a minimum level with advanced features for both the detection and classification of threats and the real time tracking and management of resources.”

As threat levels show no sign of decreasing, possibly for decades, enhancing border security looks set to remain a top priority in the region for years to come.

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