Swiss Massoel Shipping Hires Team To Secure Release of Kidnapped Crew

Swiss Massoel Shipping has engaged a team to secure the release of the 12 crew members kidnapped on board its cargo vessel off the Nigerian coast, the Slovenian foreign ministry said on Monday (24/9/18), confirming that a Slovenian national is among those captured.

“Massoel Shipping has engaged a professionally qualified team authorised to handle the matter,” the foreign ministry said in a brief statement, adding that the shipowner is in contact with the families of the crew members.

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Tweeted on Sunday that pirates have kidnapped 12 crew members of a Swiss cargo vessel off the coast of Nigeria, among whom are Croatian, Bosnia and Slovenian nationals.

According to a report by news agency Reuters, seven of the crew members on board the Swiss Massoel Shipping vessel are from the Philippines, with a national each from Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Romania.

The news agency also confirmed that the ship was abducted on Saturday as it was making its way between the cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt.



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