Armed Criminals Board Anchored Carriers

Armed Persons Boarded An Anchored Bulk Carrier In Brazil
Six persons armed with knives boarded an anchored bulk carrier via the anchor chain in Macapa Anchorage, Brazil. Duty AB seaman on routine rounds spotted the persons and immediately informed the Master, who raised the alarm. PA announcement made, whistle blown, and all crew mustered. A search was carried out. Ship’s crew found the paint store room’s lock broken and ship’s stores reported stolen. Source; ICC

Armed Criminals Board Bulk Carrier In Indonesia
Seven criminals armed with knives, boarded an anchored bulk carrier in the Taboneo Anchorage, Indonesia. A duty watchman spotted them and raised the alarm. The crew were mustered but the boarders threatened the crew with knives, stole ships property and escaped. The incident reported to Taboneo Port Control. A patrol boat was dispatched to investigate. Source: ICC

MARSS Automated Climber Detection – CLiMBERguard automatically detects, tracks and classifies intruders scaling the side of a vessel or structure, immediately alerting operators to the climber and its location.
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