MARSS installs NiDAR Perimeter Security and Drone Detection System Onboard 100m+ Superyacht

MARSS has completed the installation of its NiDAR perimeter security and drone detection systems onboard a 100m+ new construction project.

The customer brief was to provide a long range, early warning surveillance system for the detection of surface and airborne approaches to the yacht whilst in port, at anchor and underway.

Our NiDAR 360° degree surveillance system integrates multiple sensors to provide automated monitoring, detection, tracking and classification of objects in the vicinity of a vessel.

Operating autonomously and discreetly 24/7 NiDAR tracks both known and unknown surface and air objects. Smart software algorithms automatically analyse and rank threats, triggering alerts to notify crew and security personnel as required.

The NiDAR multi-touch command and control interface presents a clear situational awareness picture to crew as a fixed installation onboard or remotely via smart devices aiding decision making and rapid response.

The recently delivered vessel will be operational in the Mediterranean this summer.

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