MARSS Secures MOBtronic Man-Overboard Detection and Tracking System Contract for New Cruise Ship

MARSS secures contract for the installation of MOBtronic, their advanced man-overboard detection and tracking system on-board new cruise ship. 

The contract includes the installation of a network of MOBtronic marinised pods that are strategically positioned to cover the volume around the entire vessel, creating a virtual shield which automatically detects and classifies a man-overboard event.

The system features a patented configuration of sensors that reliably detect a fall and notify crew when a man-overboard event occurs. Using a combination of multi-sensor data and MARSS proprietary software, MOBtronic provides alerts, live tracking and video playback via an intuitive user interface to aid crew in managing SAR operations and to analyse a MOB incident.


MOBtronic is unique with its exceptionally low false positive rate (less than 1 per day) often caused by birds, breaking waves and other objects, significantly reduces false alarms and ensures a >95% detection rate.

MARSS Senior Vice President of Science, Dr Alberto Baldacci, adds “We are delighted to be delivering the most advanced and proven man-overboard detection system to this vessel which will ensure the safety of both guests and crew on-board”.

The MOBtronic system is currently being installed with the vessel due for operation later this year

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