Armed Security Teams Provided to Vessels at Douala Port – Cameroon

Cameroon is to supply armed security teams to vessels docking at Douala Port, in an attempt to stop the recent spate of pirate attacks on vessels at anchorage.

The information notice states;

“Concerning security measures for the benefit of vessels anchoring at the Base Buoy.

Ship owners and shipping agents of vessels calling at Douala Port are hereby informed that  in view of giving more security to vessels, it has been decided that each vessel at anchorage at Base Buoy (B9) will be provided by an armed security team for their protection. 

The team will remain on board the vessel throughout her stay at anchorage and will leave after berthing.

This operation which is totally free will be conducted for an indefinite period.

Captains of the vessels and their crew members are kindly advised to collaborate with the team for the success of the operation.”

Information on MARSS CLiMBERguard  – Automated Climber Detection




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