9 Kidnapped by Pirates from MV Bonita

03.11.2019 – The J.J. Ugland Companies, bulk vessel MV Bonita was boarded by pirates very early Saturday morning (1st November 2019) off Cotonou/Benin while she was at anchor. Nine crew members were kidnapped from the vessel while she was waiting to berth to discharge her inbound cargo of gypsum.

The remaining crew notified the local authorities, and the MV Bonita docked in Cotonou later that same day.
The Ugland Emergency Response Team are handling this situation as per contingency plans, and they are in contact with relevant authorities.
The families of the crewmembers have been contacted and will be kept informed by Ugland.
In the interest of the wellbeing of the crewmembers, Ugland will not make any further comments regarding the situation.
Further updates will be given as and when new confirmed information is available and releasable.

– MV BONITA – We can confirm that the captain of MV Bonita is one of the nine crewmembers taken off the vessel. Apart from this, we do not have any new information about the incident.
We are continuously working on the situation, and are doing our utmost to bring the nine crewmembers to safety. Their families will be gathered as soon as possible.
The remaining crewmembers onboard the vessel are all being cared for, and are in good condition despite the circumstances. Should the remaining crewmembers wish to disembark the ship, and go home, this will be accommodated.

– MV BONITA 04.11.2019 16.39 – The ongoing incident is a severe situation for Ugland, especially our seafarers. We are doing everything we can to bring the nine crewmembers taken off the ship back to safety. Øystein Beisland, the President of Ugland, underscores that this is our highest priority.
We have been and are in continuous contact with the remaining crew on board. The condition of the crew is considered good, taking into account what they have been through. Health care and follow-up are offered as needed. The entire crew is Filipino.
Ugland has continuous assessments of the security situation in areas where our vessels operate. In light of the ongoing incident, we are reconsidering whether our ships should sail in this area.

UPDATE – MV BONITA – 05.11.2019 14.07 – Our effort to bring our nine crew members to safety is our main priority. We are working relentlessly on this issue.
To care for the remaining crew on board, a trauma specialist and a priest will be available onboard soon. The trauma specialist has vast experience of working in similar incidents.
Ugland will accommodate any requests from crew members who choose to repatriate. Plans for substitute crew are in process.  


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