France Looking to Renew Mandate at IMO Assembly

France is seeking to renew its mandate at the International Maritime Organization. The election of Council members will take place in London on 29 November 2019 during the 31st session of the International Maritime Organization Assembly.

France is a great shipping nation with the world’s second-largest maritime space. Through the Paris Memorandum of Understanding and the implementation of a European directive, we are meeting our obligations to inspect foreign vessels in our ports. We are internationally recognised as one of the safest flag States, as we fully observe security and environmental protection rules. We are a coastal State, and so concerned about security and environmental protection in our waters.

France is a founding member of the International Maritime Organization. We have been present within the Council since its creation, and we bring to the IMO a vast network of experts which enable us to actively participate in all Committee and Sub-Committee sessions, as well as almost all Working Groups and correspondence groups.

Our candidacy is driven by our will to promote security and safety regulations, as well as the environmental performance of international maritime transport. In the fight against climate change and in line with the commitments arising from the Paris Agreement, we promote ambitious and achievable solutions to quickly and sustainably reduce carbon emissions from maritime transport.

As a coastal State, France is responsible for the safety of maritime navigation and the protection of an exceptional natural environment.

In 2017, in waters under French jurisdiction, 169,000 commercial vessels were monitored by the Regional Operational Centres for Surveillance and Rescue (CROSS)

France also provides sea rescue in large areas of responsibility in the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

It initiated the first memorandum of understanding (MoU Paris) which made it possible to better harmonize ship control in ports. It is also part of the Indian Ocean and Caribbean MoU. Thus, under the Flag State, 10600 vessels were inspected in 2017

Finally, France is actively involved in several international operations to fight against piracy.

France, Guarantor of the Safety and Security of International Maritime Transport

  • Monitoring of maritime navigation
    169,000 commercial vessels tracked
  • Aids to navigation at sea
    More than 6,000 navigation aids along the coasts of France
    and overseas (buoys, lighthouses, lights, turrets, beacons,
    spars and seamarks)
  • Inspection of professional vessels
    Nearly 11,000 professional vessels (national and international)
    inspected (Flag State)
    More than 1,100 foreign commercial vessels inspected (Port State)
  • Saving lives at sea
    Nearly 13,000 search and rescue operations carried out in 2018

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