Armed Pirates Attack Ship Underway

On the 27th March 2020, a container ship was fired upon as they were underway, around 97nm South of Bonny Island, Nigeria.

A skiff with 10 armed pirates chased and fired upon a container ship underway. The skiff was travelling at some 21 knots.

The Master raised the alarm, activated the distress alert, increased speed and took evasive measures, this resulted in the pirates aborting the attempted attack and moving away.

The crew and ship are safe.

The ICC International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre has a current safety warning for Nigeria;

Nigeria(Lagos/Apapa, Off Bayelsa / Brass / Bonny Island / Port Harcourt):
Pirates/robbers are often well-armed, violent and have attacked and hijacked/robbed ships / kidnapped crews along / far from the coast, rivers, anchorages, ports and surrounding waters. In the past, incidents reported up to about 170nm from the coast. In many past incidents, pirates hijacked the vessels for several days and ransacked the vessels and stole part cargo usually gas oil. Several crew members were also injured and kidnapped in these incidents. Generally, all waters in/off Nigeria remain risky. Vessels are advised to be vigilant, as many incidents may have gone unreported. Incidents continue to rise substantially especially the kidnapping of crews for ransom. Vessels are advised to take additional measures in these high-risk waters. In 2019, 44 crews were kidnapped. Many more incidents may have gone unreported or reported elsewhere distorting the true risk in these waters.

All crews to keep a vigilant lookout using all available means. Ships to adjust ETA for direct berthing or wait/drift/transit at least 200 / 250nm from the coast, if appropriate and agreed by all in the venture.