The MPS-ISAO, Maritime ISAC, Maritime Security Council, and NMLEA Join Forces to Advance Maritime Security Resilience

The Maritime & Port Security ISAO (MPS-ISAO), the Maritime ISAC, the Maritime Security Council (MSC), and the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA) today announced a collaborative initiative, the “Maritime Security Resilience Alliance” that has unified advancing global Maritime security resilience (physical, cyber, cognitive – disinformation/misinformation) by accelerating information sharing, coordinated response and adoption of best practice supported by education.

“Maritime global security protection requires a public and private-sector ‘whole-of-community’ effort, utilizing and leveraging the full strength of our collective knowledge, tools and technologies to address a changing and expanding threat landscape,” said Mark DuPont, Executive Director of the NMLEA.

Together, the MPS-ISAO, Maritime ISAC, MSC, and NMLEA have integrated an all-hazards security threat intelligence common operating picture (COP) for public and private maritime owners and operators, supported by analysis, global information sharing communications and response coordination, education, training, exercises, risk management, security investigation and mitigation support, as well as maritime advocacy representation with national and international government and regulatory agencies.

“Strategic alliances such as the Maritime ISAC, MSC, MPS-ISAO and NMLEA, are essential to enabling and sustaining security resilience protection for maritime critical infrastructure owners and operators”, said Deborah Kobza, MPS-ISAO CEO. “This is a significant milestone advancing the unity-of-effort for global maritime all-hazards security threat intelligence information sharing and response coordination.”

“By joining forces, the Maritime Security Resilience Alliance creates a single unified security infrastructure, engaging leadership across the maritime domain’s critical infrastructure,” said Will Watson, the MSC’s Vice President of Government Affairs. “The Alliance is a defining voice to confront security challenges and to benefit from “actionable” all-hazards global threat intelligence and provide defensive measures from information sharing, coordinated response, best practice and education.”