5th Reported Incident Within The Gulf of Guinea Within 6 Days

Following a spate of piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea, experts in maritime risk and global security, Dryad Global suggest that all vessels operating within the water south of Cotonou and those of the Southern Niger Delta should operate at the highest levels of vigilance and deploy full hardening / mitigation measures where possible.

The risk profile for the wider Gulf of Guinea region at this time is CRITICAL with attacks assessed as highly likely / expected daily, however despite the prevalence of attacks within these areas, the threat remains fluid.

In the most recent reported attack the Marshall Island flagged tanker, LA BOHEME was attacked 20.36 UTC on 9th November, 2020 95nm South Cotonau by 2 skiffs. The crew mustered in the citadel whilst the master and bridge team carried out evasive manoeuvring. The skiffs aborted the attack. Both the vessel and crew were reported safe.

At 06.33 UTC on the 9th November, 2020 the Netherlands flagged vessel, BOB BARKER was approached by a skiff with 7-8 armed persons on board with a CPA of 0.7 nautical miles, 116 Nm South Cotonou. The crew mustered in the citadel and the Beninese Navy guards on board fired warning shots. After 10 minutes the skiff left the area.

At 05.33 UTC on 7th November, 2020 the Singapore flagged chemical tanker TORM ALEXANDRA was boarded whilst in transit from Lomé. It is understood that the crew comprised of 20 Filipinos and 1 Montenegrin. All anti piracy drills were executed early and all crew were safe and in the citadel.

At 16.20 UTC on the 7th November, 2020 the Marshall Islands flagged tanker M/T WESLEY was approached whilst underway 180nm South-southeast of Lagos. A speed boat with seven armed pirates approached the tanker and came to within 250 meters. The Master undertook all security measures and the crew retreated to the citadel. The armed guards on board displayed their weapons and fired three shots at the speed boat which resulted in the pirates aborting their pursuit and heading away. The vessel and crew were reported safe and the tanker continued to its next port.

At 05.55 UTC on the 4th November, 2020 the Panama flagged product tanker, the NAFELI II activated her SSAS (ship Security Alert System) whilst in transit 94 nm SW Brass / 54nm Agbami Terminal. It was understood that the vessel had been boarded, however the crew, comprising of Russian, Georgian and Ukrainian crew were believed to be safe. The perpetrators were understood to have departed the vessel.

Source; Dryad Global