MARSS Demonstrates Its Industry-Leading Status By Securing New Global Patent For Innovative Man-Overboard Safety and Support System

MARSS Group has officially enhanced its innovative MOBtronic man overboard (MOB) system by securing a new patent covering the processing of data. Specifically, the IP focuses on how data confirms whether or not there has been a MOB incident. The move follows US-specific legislation requiring technology to quickly detect and alert crews to potential incidents of passengers falling overboard.  

Using a unique combination of micro-radars, infrared cameras and AI-powered analytics, each self-contained MOBtronic unit is able to automatically detect, classify and alert crew members to falls from large vessels. The cutting-edge system is also able to detect objects scaling the sides of vessels, thereby protecting against incidents of intrusion or vandalism – whether the vessel is at sea or docked. 

Levering the different technologies provides distinct benefits – mainly, that the system is able to function at extremely high accuracy at any time of day, sea state or weather condition. This success rate has been tested in over 45,000+ hours of cruise operations, achieving a 97% probability of detection, and driving a reduction in false alarms – generating far fewer than the industry standard.

State-of-the-art sensors, placed at strategic points around a vessel, automatically and instantly detect falling objects, assessing their velocity, fall direction and shape. This works in tandem with independent visual sensors which confirm a MOB incident. Crucially, only when these parameters are satisfied are the crew alerted to a potential incident – thereby preventing false alarm fatigue and helping operations to continue optimally. When it is confirmed that a MOB incident does indeed occur, the system automatically tracks and predicts the individual’s location in the water, based on wind and currents. In terms of aiding the rescue effort, this saves time, increasing the chances of a successful extraction.

Johannes Pinl, MARSS founder and CEO comments: “Prior to publication of 2020 ISO 21195 standard there was a regulatory vacuum surrounding proper MOB safety practices on cruise ships. Since those regulations were put in place technology has been slow to catch up and the cruise industry has been crying out for fit-for-purpose solutions. The patenting of our MOBtronic system, a completely purpose-built solution, and our efforts to become ISO accredited, signifies the start of a new level of cruise passenger safety.”

The move towards ISO accreditation again demonstrates MARSS Group’s commitment to be a market leader in terms of compliance, innovation and best practice.