Border Security Report Webinar: Maritime Domain Awareness: Implications for National, Economic, Border, and Environmental Security

Wednesday 16th December 2020
9am EST / 2pm UK / 3pm CET

Border Security Report

The maritime environment is inherently complex. It involves diverse stakeholders, vessels of every shape, size, and purpose, industries that depend on the sea and its resources, port operators, customs officials, border police, immigration agents, environmental specialists, and countless others who impact the maritime domain. The development of communication and coordination protocols and a decision-making and response framework are critical to ensure effective governance and management of the maritime domain. Consider recent events in Lebanon at the Port of Beirut. This disaster could have been averted had an effective maritime domain awareness (MDA) organization been in place.

Join Border Security Report for a free webinar discussion on maritime domain awareness (MDA) — what it is, why it’s important, and barriers to implementation. During the discussion, we will review key elements of MDA and the legal and regulatory steps governments can take to develop an effective MDA system.

Key takeaways:
Subject matter experts will share perspectives on maritime domain awareness, including:
• Course outlines for promoting MDA within your organization or among your interagency partners
• A legal and regulatory framework for achieving MDA
• A case study and first-hand account of the aftermath of the explosion in Beirut and how similar tragedies can be avoided

• J.J. Jones, Border Security Advisor at CRDF Global
• Andrea Viski, Director at the Strategic Trade Research Institute (STRI)
• Tom MacDonald, Port Security Advisor, CRDF Global
• Charlene Downey, Owner, SeeWorthy Coaching & Consulting LLC