Kidnapping – 65nm South Tema

Experts in maritime risk and global security, Dryad Global report that the F/V ATLANTIC PRINCESS (IMO8124412) was boarded 65nm South of Tema resulting in the kidnap of 5 crew.

On the 19 May 2021 at 1830 UTC the vessel is understood to have been approached by one speedboat with 8 pirates onboard. The vessel was reportedly fired upon prior to being boarded by 5 armed men. The vessel is understood to have been Hijacked and sailed south to a distance of 100nm before pirates departed the vessel.

Pirates are understood to have kidnapped 5 crew members understood to be comprised of the following individuals:

Captain – Korean
Chief Officer- Chinese
Second Officer – Chinese
Chief Engineer – Chinese
Bosun – Russian

Dryad’s analysis states that this latest attack ends a significant hiatus of activity within the Gulf of Guinea. This latest attack is the first kidnapping incident since 15th March 21. Thus far within 2021 there have been 56 personnel kidnapped across 5 incidents from vessels operating within the Gulf of Guinea.